COVID-19 has caused us to operate in a new normal. Compliance to hygiene guidelines, protocols that reduce virus spread, and risk mitigation are imperative to business operations. Businesses must operate under new state and local regulations, while also keeping employee and customer safety at the forefront.

Designed with retailers, hotels, hospitals, banks, schools, and more in mind, the risk assessment below will provide you with a high, medium, or low-risk rating based on the policies and operations at your workplace and our Bureau Veritas SafeGuard Hygiene Excellence & Safety recommendations.  The global program has been developed by Bureau Veritas Health and Safety experts along with feedback from our Medical Director - the Cleveland Clinic.  In addition to the risk rating by category, you will receive guidance on how your organization can improve your protocols, mitigate risk and boost both employee and customer confidence in your safety program.


Which country do you reside in?
What best describes your industry segment?
How often do you update your COVID-19 policies and procedures?
Have you trained your staff on COVID-19?
How frequently do you update your staff on COVID-19?
Do you have hand sanitizers available for customers and employees?
Is hygiene safety signage such as physical distancing, mask required, sanitizer available, etc. viewable?
Are masks mandatory in your facility?
Do you provide PPE to staff and patrons?
Do you have a COVID emergency response plan?
Are the cleaning products, hand sanitizers and disinfectants you use listed on the EPA website?
How frequently do you clean and disinfect high-frequency touchpoints?
How likely are your staff to agree with the following statement, "My company is doing everything they can to protect me from COVID-19."
Is your HVAC actively maintained as per WHO recommendations?
Does a manager know what to do if an employee or patron tests positive for COVID-19?
Have your protocols and procedures been reviewed by an independent 3rd party?
Has your organization been audited by an independent 3rd party to ensure compliance to policies and procedures?

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